Lesson 24: Robot Text Effect with Photoshop CC – no prep graphic design lesson


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Robot Text Effect with Photoshop CC – no prep graphic design lesson

This tutorial will show your students how to add a robot text effect using the text tool, gradients and some layer styles.

Your students will use layers, the paint bucket tool, layer styles, gradients and the horizontal type tool to achieve this effect. You will receive 15 page PDF file, a robot font, an edited .PSD file and an optional challenge exercise you can use with your students.

Your students will have a 15 page handout with instructions on how to create this text effect. The instructions highlight how to create layers, gradients, layer styles, and use the type tool. At the conclusion of the lesson there is a challenge student’s have available for independent practice.

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Why buy these lessons when there is free stuff like this on the Internet?
These lessons are all high-school/adult learner tested. I have used these lessons with hundreds of students, some with thousands of students. Many of the online tutorials are meant for intermediate or more advanced users and will skip steps. I have added steps and images to make the lesson easier to follow, these are not 1 page lessons. They are between 10 (for the simple ones) and 20 pages each! If you let me know of a step you would like added I will add it in and send you the updated file. I try to create these so my students have the least amount of questions possible.