Haunted Library Escape- One year access


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Haunted Library Escape (Your content plus activities for middle/high school students)

Step into a world of mystery and dread,
Where the Haunted Library’s secrets are spread.
Engage young minds in puzzles unseen,
An escape room adventure, an educational dream.

With spine-tingling riddles and teamwork to share,
Students will unravel, learn, and declare,
The code to break free from ghostly enigma,
A thrilling challenge that’s more than just sigma.

Ignite their problem-solving, in a haunting spree,
Purchase now, and set their minds free!

Escape rooms style activities are great for team-building at any time during the year. Your class will break up into teams of 3-5 and use the digital file to enter the codes from the answers you set up with your content. The eLearning file, is all digital, puzzles, hints, and clues are in the file you will be accessing online, the digital file is set up for a 45 – 60 minute activity. This is a full escape room.

Your students are transported to a haunted library, they must answer your questions to create codes to escape the shack as well as figure out some codes. The only prep is to add your questions and print out for each team! Please view the preview file to get more details about how your students are escaping the haunted library!

What are you purchasing?:
1. Web access to a digital file with all the clues and hints included.
2. 4 page Word template for you to add your questions and answers.
3. 5. A readme file with login and password instructions.

Total of 8 sequenced clues for your students get through. Each clue gets them one step closer to escaping the Haunted Library. There are different codes plus your content to lead the way to the escape. Each page requires five questions for a total of 20 questions on any topic for your escape room.

The file will be available for you and your students to use at any time at NPLPhotoshop.com, purchase with confidence.

Students can direct their learning using this interactive activity file via an HTML5 file your students can access on a PC, tablet or smart phone. You can also opt to follow the presentation on your screen or have each student complete the module on their computer. Absences? No problem! Just have them follow the lesson on their own tablet, phone or PC.

Contact us at migbos12@yahoo.com if you would like to upload this lesson to your school LMS we can provide the zip file for uploading with customized settings for only $149.